Nancy & Frank; About Us

Nancy & Frank recognise that becoming a parent doesn’t automatically mean that you cease to be you. We come from a generation that want (and expect) to have it all....and why shouldn’t we have it all?! Designed by a fashion focused mum of two, Nancy & Frank is where functionality meets style.

We don’t know about you but handbags are our thing, we are unashamedly obsessed and the baby bump definitely didn’t mean we were ready to ditch the arm candy. Plus we weren’t really feeling the idea of using the same boring version of a changing bag every day for two years...not what we signed up for! Our unisex changing bags allow you to switch up the look of your bag via the interchangeable, detachable shoulder strap. If both parents can’t agree on what’s it up your own way! Change the look of your bag to suit your outfit or your mood!

But that’s not all...(I know, we’re like a gift that keeps on giving...). As parents ourselves, we totally get that a changing bag has to be super functional otherwise it wouldn’t work (we all just want to make our lives easier, right?!).

Nancy & Frank bags have four external pockets, 3 internal pockets and a removable inner organiser which has 3 pockets and 4 dividing compartments. That gives a total of FOURTEEN places for you to stash allll the things (that’s baby things and mama things...). PLUS a handy, foldable changing mat.

The removable organiser is easy to clean, gives extra pocket space and is convenient to remove if you’re out and need to nip off and change the baby, without taking the whole bag. It also means that the bag has a life beyond those first couple of baby years - once you remove the organiser, you still have a really cool, roomy bag to house all of those things that your kids absolutely need to take out, but expect you to carry! It also means that your bag can go from baby to bar in a matter of seconds.

So basically, what we’re getting at, is that practical can still be pretty and the mummy label definitely doesn’t have to mean the mumsy label. Forget the days of zero choice and zero versatility...we got you...