Nancy & Frank; Our Story


Welcome To Nancy & Frank

Nancy & Frank was born when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter and I massively struggled to find a changing bag that I liked...everything seemed a bit ‘mumsy’ and I felt like I was being forced to lower my handbag game just because I had a mini person in tow!

I’ve always loved handbags...I just love how they can lift an entire outfit or how you can be having a fat day and your handbag will always fit (not like some of the other backstabbing items in your wardrobe post baby).

So, by the time I had my second daughter, almost two years later,(and inspired by other mums who didn’t want to compromise their identity) I decided to leave my job as a lawyer and create a bag that I knew I would be proud to have on my pushchair.

I wanted something really cool but as a mum of two, I also had an appreciation of how important the functionality of a changing bag is...and just how much stuff you have to take out with you and access easily!

Nancy & Frank bags combine these two things - functionality and style, and the fact that the brand is named after my two girls, Nancy and Francesca, makes them extra special to me and kind of like my third baby.

These bags are my absolute passion and we love you for supporting us and being part of our journey! It really is true that when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance...

We hope you love our bags as much as we do!