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The minute the two lines flashed up on the pregnancy test, did you automatically feel ready to let go of your own identity and style?!

No, me neither…

When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, I struggled to find a changing bag that I liked. I felt that I was being forced to lower my handbag game just because I had a mini person in tow.

By the time I had my second daughter in 2016 (and inspired by other mums who wanted to retain their individuality), I decided to leave my job as a lawyer and create a bag that I would be proud to have on my pushchair.

I wanted something stylish but as a parent myself, I also had an appreciation of how important the functionality of a changing bag is.

Nancy & Frank bags combine these two things - fashion and functionality.

Because, let’s be real, motherhood isn’t always pretty and you need a bag that works as hard as you do!


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